Art therapy


The path of creativity and art is nothing other than the path of aliveness.

Art therapy offers ideal support for clarifying important life issues such as reorientation, search for meaning, self-awareness, self-care, for dealing constructively with challenging feelings or expoloring who you really are. Holistic art therapy does not repair the old, but opens up the new. The crisis is seen as an opportunity, the loss as a possibility to reach a conscious and thus contented yes joyful connection with oneself and life. Art therapy supports the development of oneˈs own assets and strengths.

Often it is outdated, destructive thought patterns or beliefs that people tell themselves about the world and themselves that generate suffering again and again.

With the following principles a reset succeeds:

  • Ways out of obsessive thinking
  • With kind mindfulness to self-inquiry and self-care
  • Discovering perfect imperfection in the mirror of art
  • Finding liking in doing and joy in the small things of everyday life
  • Giving space to the intimate, essential self
  • To unfold oneˈs gift to the world
  • To use the power sources of beauty and inspiration
  • How does life succeed in being rather than in doing?

I would be happy to accompany you in individual or group settings.

Art Therapy individual setting: DOWNLOAD individual setting PDF
Art Therapy group setting: DOWNLOAD group setting PDF

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